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Colour Consultant

As professionals, we can offer you informative and imaginative colour consultations for your home or business.  Hiring a professional can save you time spent going through colour chips and save you money by avoiding costly errors in colour selections.  Relax in the comfort of your home while we show you a selection of colours that will coordinate with your home decor, your personal tastes and unique personality.

Paint Colour Selection

One of the best feel good interior makeovers we can all do at a reasonable price is freshen up our homes with a new coat of paint.  The experts are predicting some great colours for 2015/16.  I would not suggest some of the really deep colours if you’re planning to sell your home but if you want to give your home a fresh makeover then go for it!

A fresh coat of paint can make dramatic changes to your interior decor and affect how you feel while in that space.  If your not sure a colour you selected will suit the space you want to paint then see if your supplier will sell you a small sample of the paint.  Place it on the wall and look at it during different times of the day to see how it reacts to various light conditions.  I find this works best to ensure you’re not disappointed with the colour choice.


General Paint 

I recently attended a presentation given by General Paint on the new 2010/11 paint trends that was extremely insightful.

Inspiring Cultures 2010/11 provides accurate colour information on the trends driving future markets for the professional.

A team of colour professionals from places like Canada, America, Mexico and Central America work together to identify colours, trends  and surface information.   They predicted the new neutrals being offerred  this year with grayed bases of red, blue and green, splashes of gold and silver metallic.  There are wonderful exotic shades and ice cream shades.


CIL Paints

CIL Paints colour experts say that the new paint colours for 2010 reflect change, growth and new beginnings.

 Blue is forecasted to be the hottest colour in the 2010 palette,” says Jennifer Jones of CIL Paints. Airy blues and mossy greens, saturated reds, coral pinks, turquoises will be everywhere. The peering of the new blues with crimsons, plums and metallics like gold or pewter is also to be to be a big hit this year.

There is to be a shift away from boring beige, neutrals this year are warm and infused with earth, clay, sand and grain tones.

Powerful punch, purples and violets are back in style according to CIL as well.