Home Staging

What is Home Staging?

Staging is creating broad appeal, using buyers eyes, rearranging, refreshing, reducing, adding colour  and appeal, selling the space not your personal items.

Selling a home is different than living in it.  When putting a home on the market, it is important to emphasize the features of the house more than the personalities of the owners.  The goal is to allow potential buyers to visualize it as their home, not yours.

You want to draw people’s eyes toward the selling features of the home – a gorgeous fireplace, a beautiful window/view, lovely molding and built in bookcases.  The objective is to have people focus on the house and not what’s in the house.  What is in the house is just used to make it feel warm and inviting, and to draw the eye to the selling features of the house.

When a home is professionally styled for the market, potential buyers can more easily see themselves and their furnishings fitting beautifully into the house being considered.  Overcoming this hurdle puts the potential buyer well on the road to making an offer on your house.

People today have very busy lives and they want to be able to walk into a  move in ready home.

Important Tip for Open Houses

Its important to remove any mail or family photos from around your home for security reasons.  There are people who tour open houses looking for these items i.e. pictures of children or confidential information from your mail so one can never be too careful!

Statistics at a Glance

87 per cent said home presentation makes a difference in most sales.